Adverse Weather

The Head Teacher may make the decision to close/partially close the school or send pupils home when they anticipate adverse conditions, which would put children at risk.  Should you be in doubt with regard to whether or not the school is open there are a number of ways to access this information:



Dial Aberdeenshire Council’s access number       : 0870 054 4999

Enter Meldrum Academy’s pin number : 02 2820


  1. b) ABERDEENSHIRE WEBSITE                       

Information about school closures can be obtained on and clicking on the Learning Tab/Schools/School Closures.


Although local radio broadcasts closure information the most up to date information can be found via the above sources.  Please do not contact the school office for information. The most up to date information will be available online and on the telephone information service.


In bad weather pupils are advised to wait no longer than 15 minutes for transport. If transport does not arrive within that time they should return home. Should a pupil’s transport not run to school it will not run at the end of the day.  Parents should only take pupils in to school if they are able to collect them at the end of the day, or earlier should the weather worsen and the school close.


Occasionally it is necessary to close the school during the day. in this instance the school will contact parents via SEEMIS text message (“group call”) and every care will be taken to ensure that pupils are not sent home without their parents’ knowledge. If a priority call is required parents have the opportunity to request this at the start of the year when contact details are updated.