Developing the Young Workforce (DYW)

Subject Choice family Learning Activity

Please view the 3 Thinglinks below together. While watching them think about your own skills and the career you would like/are currently in.

Performing Arts ThingLink

MFL ThingLink

Social Subjects ThingLink

Now complete the following Buzz questionnaire:

Discuss your results together. Do you agree with your result?

Finally, complete this Form to reflect on your skills and Career Pathway/Choices:

Staff Announcement

We are delighted to welcome Sandra Morrison to our team. Sandra is our Employer School Co-ordinator and will add value to the employer link opportunities within the school.

Career Opportunities

There are a number of Career Opportunities posted on our Whole School Pupil Team. Please check this regularly for information and updates. This includes Foundation Apprenticeships, Modern Apprenticeships, Trade Apprenticeships and Vacancies.