Consumables Charges

In line with other schools across Scotland, Meldrum Academy requires to ask for a parental contribution towards consumable items within particular subject areas.  This is usually for items which pupils can take home e.g. Art and Design, and Design and Technology projects, dishes made in Home Economics etc.

Aberdeenshire Council utilises an online payment system, iPayimpact, to take payment for these contributions. The same system is used to top up a pupil’s cashless catering account.  If you are not already using this system, an online video showing the registration process can be found here.

The payment system can be accessed here by selecting ‘school payments’.

Details of the various charges for 2019/20 are below and further information will be issued directly to parents during term 1.

Design Faculty:  £10

Design Faculty:  £10
Home Economics:  £20

Art & Design:  £5
Design & Technology:  £5
Home Economics:  £60

Art & Design:  £10
Design & Manufacture:  £10
Graphic Communication:  £5
Practical Woodwork:  £10
Home Economics:  £90