Personalisation and Course Choice Information

Learning takes place across all eight curriculum areas from S1-S3. In S1 and S2 all pupils will follow a common course.  In S3 there is the opportunity for some personalisation when pupils make a choice to specialise within the curricular areas. This choice will be made around March in S2.

Please click here for the subject choice website for Meldrum Academy

The outline for S3 is as follows (below). Pupils must continue with English, Maths, RMPS, PSE and HWB and can choose one subject from each of the other curricular modes (for example – Expressive Arts) as below. Pupils will also be allowed one free choice from any mode to create a personalised timetable.

S3 Languages & Literacy Mathematics & Numeracy Expressive Arts Social Studies
EnglishModern Language Maths Choice Choice
S3 Technologies Science Additional Choice Core/HWB
Choice Choice Choice RMPSPE/PSE

In S4 most pupils will follow six SQA courses. All pupils will study English and Maths and most will choose any four other courses. There is also a core provision of PE, RMPS and PSE.

In S5 and S6 pupils could follow up to five SQA courses. In S5 & S6 there is a core provision of PSE and PE. S6 pupils will also have the opportunity to undertake an S6 responsibility to improve their skillset moving onto positive destinations.

Information is available from faculties to support this choice and the “Nationals in a Nutshell” guides provided a good overview of what many courses involve: