Posts of Responsiblilty


The Prefect body represents the public face of the senior school. Prefects have a responsibility to demonstrate exemplary behaviour and a positive and willing attitude in supporting and maintaining a positive ethos at Meldrum Academy.

The behaviour and day to day actions of a Prefect should exemplify an attitude and set of behaviours which make the school and community proud and which sets an exacting standard for younger pupils to aspire. If an appointed Prefect did not consistently reach these exacting standards then her/his tenure will be reviewed by the Head Teacher.


(a) A Senior Executive Team will be interviewed and appointed.

(b) Two House Captains and deputes will be interviewed and appointed for each House.

(c) Health and Wellbeing Captains will be interviewed and appointed for each house based on their support and involvement in school sport.

(d) Prefects will be appointed from the sixth year on the basis of application form and references.

There will be no fixed number of Prefects appointed to S6, but appointment will only be made after application and reference and where the candidate has persuaded the panel of her/his motivation and intent to make a positive difference to the ethos and operation of the academy.

All appointments will be subject to 8 weeks initial probation and a candidate may have her/his badge withdrawn if duties and responsibilities have not been properly carried out.


A panel will meet and draw up a short leet of those applying for posts of responsibility.  Two members of staff will interview the applicants selected for the short leet.

The interview will last approximately fifteen minutes and consist of up to 4 questions. At least one of the questions may reflect the particular interest of the candidate as demonstrated in the application form and linked to the whole school opportunities outlined on a separate page.


  Senior Executive Team House Captains Prefects
1 Supervise the House Captains and Prefect body to ensure all agreed duties are fully carried out. Supervise the designated members of the Prefect body allocated to you to ensure all agreed duties are fully carried out. (HB/HG will allocate names).  Represent the school at all functions and events, (including all Parents’ Evenings) as instructed by the Head Boy and Girl.
2 Meet weekly (informally) with House Captains to ensure an overview of duties and calendar responsibilities are in place. Meet weekly (informally) with the Head Boy and Girl to ensure an overview of duties and calendar activities are in place.  Carry out all lunchtimes duties as given by the HB/HG
3 Meet regularly (at least fortnightly) informally with the Year Head to discuss progress, issues and calendar activities.  Contribute to assemblies by updating pupils on the House Captain role. Maintain the highest standards of dress and behaviour at all times
4 Represent the school (on request by the Year Head) at school based and external functions and events. Maintain the House notice board and House input into the school blog and website. Take part in at least one whole school activity and attend all meetings and play a full part in that activity 
5 Speak at school assemblies, functions and events and in addition speak at external functions and events as requested by the Year Head. Lead and supervise, with other House Captains, any planned House Identity day and lead and supervise with other House Captains ‘sports day’. Follow the instructions of the HB/HG in all Prefect matters and the instructions of the House Captains where they have a remitted responsibility (e.g. House events) 
6 Contribute to assemblies by updating younger pupils on the Prefect role. Take responsibility for coordinating with the Pastoral Care PT’s the P7 induction programme and arranging for Prefects to lead tours during the December P7 induction evening. Link with a number of tutor groups to develop a relationship with the groups and to promote an advocacy programme.(see whole school committee responsibility) 
7 Liaise with teaching and support staff on Prefect issues as appropriate. Coordinating and initially leading Prefects in a whole school activity (List below) (Other chairs may come from the Prefect body once established).  Attend all scheduled Prefect meetings as a top priority
8 Coordinate (and arrange to agree an agenda and minute) formal monthly meetings with the House Captains and Year Head. Support the Head Boy and Girl to ensure that all Prefects rigorously maintain lunchtime duties. Help the HB/HG organise and publicise rotas  Wear shirt/tie and badge at all times
9 Coordinate liaison with the Student Fora class representatives to further develop pupil communication through the school. (Managed through the Year based support committees as per whole school committees).  Attend (and help HB/HG arrange to agree an agenda and minute) for monthly meetings with the Year Head. Work with school staff to maintain high levels of pupil behaviour in the corridors and social areas at all times in the day. Use the pupil logging system and green (eco card) system as appropriate.
10 Take responsibility for meeting with individual Prefect’s to discuss quality of performance which merits praise or challenge. Coordinate (and help present with your PT PC) the end of term House Award ceremonies. Prioritise attendance and involvement in all House events, parental events and school functions, including pupil discos and dances. If requested, sell tickets for events. 
11 Attend all Parents’ Evenings and school event evenings as agreed with the Year Head. Role is to supervise Prefects at these evenings. Attend all Parents’ Evenings and school event evenings as agreed with the Year Head. Role is to help HB/HG supervise Prefects at these evenings.  Lead a tour of the school for prospective parents when requested by a member of SMT.
12 Always wear shirt/ tie and badges. Always wear shirt /tie and badges. Attend all Parents’ Evenings and work with a nominated PT to manage the movement of parents in a dept/faculty and distribute refreshments as appropriate. 


Please note these opportunities are open to all senior students, irrespective of whether or not they have been successfully appointed as a Prefect. All Prefects will be appointed after interview to at least one of these committees. The criteria for appointment to a committee will be based on interest and also ensuring a spread of Prefects to each committee.

House Captains on appointment will be given, initially at least, overall responsibility to coordinate up to two of these whole school responsibilities. It is expected that the senior school committee once formed appoints its own chair and secretary which may or may not include the House captains.

It is anticipated that at last in some of the committees there may be teaching staff representation. However it is expected that leadership of the committees will come from pupils unless identified otherwise below.

The Senior Executive Team would not normally join a committee but maintain an oversight of all the committees.

The committees are likely to cover the following themes:

  1. Charities: includes Red Nose day, Children in Need, Cyrenian Sleep Out, LEPRA and any other charitable event. 
  1. School Evening Events: includes Discos, Ceilidhs, Battle of the Bands, Burns Supper, Awards Ceremonies,
  1. Parents’ Evening: includes coordinating the duties of Prefects during the five Parents Evenings and the P7 Induction Evenings. (The School Support Manager will sit on this committee as an adviser)
  1. School Website: includes being responsible for the website and blog with the present committee of teachers and younger pupils and the Parent Council.
  1. Enterprise: includes Careers Convention, Enterprise Dinner, Business links, and Rotary links. (This committee will be led by staff with pupils joining, based on interest)
  1. S6 Year Book: includes design, production and marketing of the book
  1. Senior Prom: includes agreeing venue, arranging programme and coordinating sales and links with the provider.