Pupil Support

Pupil Support

At Meldrum Academy an experienced team on staff are on hand to support pupils with their learning. This team led by the DHT pupil support includes the PC team, ASN staff, pupils support workers, educational psychologists, community learning and development and external partner workers.   Support may be required by pupils in relation to a specific physical need, learning need or a current situation and can be long or short term.

All staff at Meldrum Academy share a responsibility for the care and wellbeing needs of children and young people, and our GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) approach provides a structured framework to help staff work together to assess and support these needs.  This ensures that services for children and young people work together to meet the needs of our pupils, ensuring that children’s wellbeing is at the very heart of everything we do.

Parents and carers are key partners in their children’s learning and we aim to foster a positive environment where parents and carers are able to work in partnership to ensure a consistent approach between the home and school environment.


Universal support

“All children and young people should have frequent opportunities to discuss their learning with an adult who knows them well and can act as a mentor, helping them to set appropriate goals for the next stages in learning.”

(Building the Curriculum 3)

In order to support the good practice around personal support that exists across the school a tutor system has been adopted that, over time, will enable each tutor to support the learning of a small group of pupils, enabling to get to know them well as individuals and learners.

The key aims of Tutor Time at Meldrum Academy are supporting learners in:

ŸReviewing their learning and planning the next steps in their learning pathways

ŸPlanning for personal achievement and attainment

ŸDeveloping growth mind sets that allow them to fulfil their potential across the school


Further support and information

Parentzone – Information for parents about education in Scotland and ideas to help parents support their child’ learning – www.educationscotland.gov.uk/parentzone/index.asp