Wider Achievement

All young people are entitled to have the full range of their achievements recognised and to be supported in reflecting and building on their learning and achievements.  Recognising achievement increases self-esteem, improves motivation and keeps young people engaged in learning.

As a school community many opportunities are provided for learners to achieve at Meldrum Academy.   School staff work in partnership with others responsible for planning and supporting learning to provide a wide range of opportunities for young people to progress and achieve.

These opportunities include: Eco group, concerts, school show, work experience, taking part in and leading and supporting clubs and sports, Young Enterprise & mini enterprise, inter-school activities, residential trips, team building activities, book and number buddies, philanthropy and charity work,  MAAG, Duke of Edinburgh, leadership roles – house/sports captains/committees, opportunities to learn in the workplace e.g. S2 visits to BP, opportunities to learn in relevant contexts e.g. field trips, prison and parliament visits, lab in a lorry,