Health Faculty – ABOUT US


Our vision, value and aims for all learners encompass the school’s ethos of community with the aim of working with all our young people to help each of them fulfil their individual potential and enrich their lives in the present and in the future.

Within the Health Faculty the overall aim is to develop fully the potential of all and to encourage in them self-confidence and self-discipline. We aim to equip all young people with transferrable skills which help them prepare for a life beyond school. The importance of PE and HE in a modern society is emphasised in all courses and all levels. All of the activities/courses/awards we offer allow us scope to develop young people’s social skills; self-assurance and confidence which will help them cope better with life outside the school setting. The nature of PE allows us to develop the need to learn from others, work in groups, work with others, value others opinions and develop experimental skills.

We aim to maximise the potential of every young person who visits the department and we do this in a pleasant working environment with respect being shown by both teacher and learner to allow both to gain from the experience. Teachers are encouraged to praise pupils when it is earned recognising that if a young person does his/her best then this should be acknowledged no matter the result.

Our aim is to provide the highest possible teaching standard which will allow our pupils to cope with the demands made of them, while at the same time expecting cooperation from learners and support from parents/guardian.

The Physical Education and Home Economics programmes currently being delivered have a significant role in promoting the ethos and delivering the outcomes and experiences of a “Curriculum for Excellence”.

Our curriculum is made up of a variety of activities which allow all learners the opportunity to practice, play, perform and learn through quality teaching and learning experiences. Our curriculum recognises the progressive development of learner’s practical knowledge, skills, techniques and attitudes therefore progression becomes an integral part of our overall programme.

Throughout our Physical Education curriculum the driving force is a flexible approach to teaching and learning where a high quality programme is delivered by knowledgeable staff. By providing a quality structured physical education programme we are able to develop the four capacities identified in ‘a Curriculum for Excellence’.

The faculty along with Active Schools and Senior Sports Leaders seeks to offer extensive extra-curricular activities, which give opportunities to further develop the four capacities of “A Curriculum for Excellence” and support the curricular work of the department.

Success is regularly celebrated through the local press, twitter (@meldrumPE), instagram (@meldrumhealth) our wall of fame and bulletin messages.

Overall we aim to work Together for Success.