Health Faculty Parent forum

Introducing the Meldrum Academy Health Faculty Parent Forum: Your Voice, Our Progress

We’re excited to introduce the Health Faculty Parent Forum at Meldrum Academy, dedicated to enhancing our educational practices and fostering better outcomes for our learners when in Home Economics and Physical Education. At Meldrum Academy, we believe that collaboration between educators and parents is essential for student success.

Our discussions will focus on four areas we are looking to improve:

  1. Meeting 1 – Wellbeing: Your thoughts on promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being among our students. We will discuss how we can get to know our pupils better and engage in conversation about our curriculum and extra curricular offer.
  2. Meeting 2 – Learning and Teaching: Share your ideas on innovative teaching methods and strategies that can drive effective learning. Discuss practice we deliver and your thoughts on learning and teaching.
  3. Meeting 3 – Developing the Young Workforce: Help us bridge the gap between education and the professional world. Your insights can guide us in preparing students for future career success.
  4. Meeting 4 – Leadership: We want to hear your perspective on leadership initiatives and how we can collectively inspire growth and excellence.

Each session will last one hour, providing a concise and engaging platform for you to contribute without sacrificing your valuable time. The sessions are scheduled from 6:00 to 7:00 pm right here at Meldrum Academy. Please note – we will not be meeting via an online teams meet or any other online discussion forum.

If you wish to join our parent forum please click this link or the link in the email.