Meldrum Academy Staff

Mr Ian Jackson – Head Teacher.

Mr Jackson has overall responsibility for the school and it’s Strategic Planning. He oversees the Pupil Voice at Meldrum Academy and is Year Head for S6.

Ms Fiona Brechin – Cluster Business Manager

Ms Brechin is responsible for Business Management in the Academy and all Primaries in the Meldrum Cluster.

Mr Sandy Smith – Depute Head Teacher

Mr Smith takes the lead on the school’s curriculum design and improving attainment. He is Year Head for S4.

Mrs Lindsay Threadgold – Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Threadgold is our Child Protection officer. She takes the lead on ensuring equity, wellbeing and inclusion across the school. Mrs Threadgold is Year Head for S2.

Ms Lorraine Finnie – Depute Head Teacher

Ms Finnie’s remit involves working with our partners to raise attainment. She takes the lead on developing pupil’s skills and our Developing the Young Workforce strategy. Ms Finnie is Year Head for S3.

Mr Craig Sim – Depute Head Teacher

Mr Sim oversees Learning and Teaching and Professional Development at Meldrum Academy. He is Year Head for S1.

Mrs Liegha Laing- Depute Head Teacher (0.4 fte)

Mrs Laing takes the lead on Digital Learning and Communication. She is Year Head for S5.

ASL (Additional Support for Learning)

Mrs Kathryn Michie (Faculty Head Teacher)
Mrs Alison Campbell (TeacherMrs Gill Robertson (Teacher)
Ms Wendy Finlayson (Teacher)
Mrs Alison Campbell (Teacher)
Mrs Cat Gifford (Teacher)
Mrs Claire Murphy (Teacher)
Miss Sandra Mackenzie (Teacher)

Mr Rory Pearce (Teacher
Mrs Moira Speake (Teacher)

Mrs Mhorag Atkinson (PSA)
Mrs Caroline Baillie (PSA)
Mrs Angela Beagrie (PSA)
Ms Ruth Bone (PSA)
Mrs Elaine Bremner (PSA)

Mrs Alison Cowie (PSA)
Mrs Val Flaws (PSA)
Mrs Maureen Redford (PSA)
Mrs Carolynn Robertson (PSA)
Mrs Brenda Ross (PSA)
Mrs Karen Wilson (PSA)
Miss Leanne Gray (PSA

BCIT (Business Computing Information Technology)

Mrs Audrey Henderson (Faculty Head Teacher)
Mr Andrew Speirs (Teacher)
Mrs Simone Coetser (Teacher)
Miss Angela Collett (Teacher)
Ms Victoria McGregor (Teacher)


Mr Liam Moffatt (Faculty Head Teacher)
Miss Claire Simpson (Teacher)
Mrs Fiona Stout (Teacher)


Mr Liam Moffat (Faculty Head Teacher)
Mrs Donna-Marie Stewart (Teacher)


Mrs Rebecca Jackson (PT of IDL)


Mr John Gerard (Faculty Head Teacher)
Mrs Sharon Brown (Teacher)
Mr John Glendinning (Teacher)
Miss Catriona Strachan (Teacher)
Ms Tiffani Scerbo (Teacher)
Mrs Sarah Worrall (Teacher)
Mr Andrew Grace (Teacher)
Mrs Mhairi Thomson (Teacher)


Mrs Ruth Cruise (Teacher)
Mrs Audrey Blair (Teacher)


Mr Andy Carder (Faculty Head Teacher)
Mr Craig Robertson (Teacher)
Mrs Kelly Craig (Teacher)
Mrs Jacqueline May (Teacher)
Mrs Susan Simpson (Teacher)
Mr Scott Bridgwater (Teacher)
Miss Morven Duff (Teacher)
Miss Jenny Ireland (Teacher)


Mr Alan Reid (Faculty Head Teacher)
Dr Lesley Buchan (Teacher)
Mrs Nicola Burgess (Teacher)
Mrs Jacqui Guild (Teacher)
Mr Stephen Hamer (Teacher)
Mrs Barbara King (Teacher)
Mrs Susan Leith (Teacher)
Mrs Stephanie Smith (Teacher)


Mrs Liegha Laing (Faculty Head, Teacher of French and Spanish)
Mr Fraser Mearns (Faculty Head Teacher. Teacher of French and German)
Mr Craig Sawers (Teacher of French and German)
Mrs Kirsteen Sayers (Teacher of French and Spanish)
Miss Marie Dell’Abate (Teacher of French)
Mrs Karen Yule-Walker (Teacher of French)
Miss Eimear Masterson (Teacher of French and Spanish)


Meldrum Academy has 5 houses, named after famous Scots, each led by a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care.

The houses are central to the ethos of the school and house identity is fostered through the tutorial system, assemblies and regular inter-house activities.

Senior pupils have the opportunity to take on important leadership roles within the house system as captains, sports captains and prefects. They also play an instrumental role in tutor time supporting younger pupils with aspects of their learning.

Mrs Jane Allan (Bruce House)
Ms Karen MacLeod (Glennie House)
Mrs Alison Fitzgerald (Slessor House
Mrs Vivienne Blevins (Telford House)
Mrs Robyn Walker (Wallace House)


Mrs Linda Moggach (Faculty Head Teacher)
Mr Russell Fraser (Teacher of Music)
Mr Jamie Murray (Teacher of Music)
Mr John Paterson (Teacher of Drama)


,Mrs Lindsey Martin (Faculty Head Teacher)

Mrs Marie Rennie (Teacher of Biology)
Mrs Mella Murphie (Teacher of Biology)
Mrs Judith Brennan (Teacher of Physics)
Mrs Susan Davidson (Teacher of Chemistry)
Mrs Bev Garratt (Teacher of Biology)
Dr Mo Jerrow (Teacher of Chemistry)
Miss Chloe Long (Teacher of Chemistry)
Dr Shona Murray (Teacher of Biology)
Ms Gudrun Przygoda (Teacher of Chemistry)
Mr Torstein Skardhamar (Teacher of Biology)
Mrs Rebecca Thomas (Teacher of Chemistry)


Mrs Lynn Cooper (Faculty Head Teacher)
Miss Jemma Campbell (Teacher of RMPS)

Miss Alana McLeod (Teacher of RMPS)
Miss Emily Catton (Teacher of History)

Miss Emma Flint (Teacher of History)
Miss Gabrielle Byrne (Teacher of Modern Studies)
Mr Finlay Harnden (Teacher of Geography)
Mr Steven McKinley (Teacher of Modern Studies)
Mrs Kate Robinson (Teacher of Geography)
Miss Heather Steele (Teacher of Modern Studies)
Miss Rebecca Strachan (Teacher of Geography)