Modern Languages



S1                        3 periods of French and 1 period of an additional language.

S2                        2 periods of French.

S3                               choice of French, Spanish, German, Languages for Life – or a combination

Senior Phase

We offer French, German and Spanish in a range of levels as well as online courses in Mandarin, Arabic and Gaelic.

About the Faculty

In S1 and S2, pupils study French, building on the language learning they have done in Primary. S1 also get the opportunity to explore a variety of other languages in their MFL period. We aim to build not only the pupils’ knowledge of the language but also their confidence in using the language.  A variety of teaching and learning approaches is used to explore and practise these themes, with the pupils being encouraged to be actively involved in developing their language learning and to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and progress.  Having achieved a sound grounding in the basic elements of language learning, the opportunity for some personalisation and choice is introduced at the end of S2 when pupils can continue with French or can choose to begin Spanish or German instead of or in addition to French.

All members of the MFL team are real enthusiasts for the languages they teach and are keen to encourage pupils to develop their language skills by using a variety of teaching materials and resources. We are especially keen on digital learning and use a variety of ICT in our lessons including subscriptions to a number of websites.

We recognise the importance a language can play in the workplace and have developed a number of links with outside partners to help pupils  develop the skills employers are looking for. In particular, we work closely with SCILT (Scotland’s National Centre for Languages) and pupils always enjoy their events.

Sentence Builder Booklets

Pupils are all issued with sentence builder booklets and are encouraged to regularly consolidate their learning at home. Online versions of these booklets can be found below.

S1 Sentence Builder Booklet

S2 Sentence Builder Booklet

S3 French Sentence Builder Booklet

S3 German Sentence Builder Booklet